The Dream

We discovered that with expansion of our service that education is a must for those children that’s why we dreamed to have a land to build on specialized schools to educate and serve all children categories “street children – homeless children – the poor and the sick” .

And because we are still at the beginning we would like to share the experience with others and let our end to be where others have ended until we gain experience not only from hearing only, but hearing and seeing it on a real ground with a direct contact and we all know that education in South Korea is the finest education for children, especially the first education stage (Baby Class –Kg – Primary)

We would like to go away far of the Child’s Friend Institution dream; We hope that there will be a partnership between schools in Korea and schools that we are planning to establish in the new land that we have taken from the government.

We know that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and that anything which is impossible with humans is possible with God. We believe that the dream will be achieved. Only we have to start.