Our current vision is not to turn away any child who seeks protection and a safe place to live. So, we are dreaming of creating the Child Friend City that would be spacious enough to accommodate and meet the needs of a big number of children. This facility will include: clean and well-ventilated rooms, an area for studying, special halls where children can develop their skills and talents, well-equipped rooms for counseling, a suitable dining room and an indoor game room.

Our vision is to have big outdoor spaces where children can enjoy God’s nature and where there will be courts for them to play sports and exercise because “a sound mind is in a sound body”

Our vision is to make use of the outdoor space and turn part of it into a theater where the resident children themselves will perform educational and entertainment shows. This theater will minister to all children including the homeless and abandoned outside the facility. It will also minister to other institutions that care for children whether they are with social services, schools or churches.

Our vision is to create a center that provides counseling for individuals, married couples and families to help all residents and provide community services for the surrounding neighborhood.

The Child Friend City will be a place that offers a comprehensive ministry for residents and non-residents. We will strive to make this place a beacon of hope for all abandoned, neglected and abused children.