The institution was founded in 2012 under No. 4573, 2012, its goal to provide different services for the child, the family and the elderly.

The institution and the Child

The institution concerned with the situation of all children whom are in need (street children – homeless – orphans – those with special needs – the sick and the poor) The Institution through specialists develop and implement programs to rehabilitate these children psychologically, hygienic, educationally and behaviorally to enable the child to be in a harmony with the surrounding community

The Institution and family

Statistics indicate that most of the divorced cases or cases of children’s’ separation from their parents mostly due to social or financial or health reasons or all together; therefore, the Institution aims to rehabilitate families through a program called “ الدمج الاسري   domestic merger” to help the family through this program to become eligible to communicate with their children again in a better way.

The Institution and the elderly

The Institution takes care of the elderly who do not have regular health care, medication, food, clothes and spending much time with them and is worth mentioning that the institution visited these elderly in their places as we don’t have enough place for them, but we pray and we have a full trust that our Lord will give us the suitable place that can accommodate this important service for this important section in our society.