We are a group of friends who minister to children in Egypt.  We formed Child Friend Team that performed shows using puppets and marionettes to teach educational, moral and spiritual topics.  We performed plays in most churches all over the country from Upper Egypt in the south to Alexandria in the north and at different occasions like Child’s Day, Christmas and Easter.  This ministry is not only close to a child’s heart and mind, but it has a great impact on their lives as well, and we have witnessed that very clearly.  Since the 1980s when the ministry started, we have faced many hardships because of lack of funding and/or personnel, but despite that, the ministry survived because children are very dear to God and to us.

In 2012, the ministry was further developed when we established Child Friend Institute, a charitable institution accredited by the Ministry of Social Solidarity.  It is also affiliated with Evangelical Association of Egypt.  We kept the same name “Child Friend” because we wanted to show that we love children dearly, especially those deprived of warm family love due to: poverty, the spring uprising in Egypt that left many children homeless, abandoned and forgotten; also family breakups, divorce and physical or emotional abuse.  The victims of these situations are hundreds of innocent children.